• Head Cold

    I've got a bit of a head cold today; nothing too bad I hope because I'm still planning on going walking tomorrow, probably in the Matlock area.

    I attended a weekend residential course at Northern College; 'Navigation for Walkers.' Here are the details http://peakwalking.blogspot.com

    Life has been progressing pretty much as always these last few weeks; I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not though.

  • Upcoming Activities.

    It seems that I'm finally getting a bit of recognition; various organisations realising that I actually do have ways in which I'm able to contribute to society - it's a pity that it's only voluntary work though which doesn't have the acceptance, status, and money which comes when you have a job.

    On Friday I'll be taking my walk leader's certificate at the Rangers' Station in the middle of Sandal Beat Wood, only about a mile away from my house. This is so that I'll be legally able to lead local walks for people who are on various Autism Plus projects in the town. The organisation also wants me to become a member of their management committee and attend a conference at the end of the month.

    Meanwhile, in Leeds, the person who's in charge of the adult Asperger's group there seems to be including me in a lot of the decision-making process since I did the Asperger's awareness training presentation at Leeds Advocacy a few months ago.

  • Review of Berghaus Rucksack.

    I've been contacted by an advertising agency in Manchester which is going to send me a Berghaus rucksack so that I can use it for a few weeks and then write a review of it on my hiking blog. This will be the first opportunity I've had to actually earn something from my blogging - I get to keep the rucksack.

    The blog gets about two hundred pageviews a day now, so it's starting to get noticed I suppose.


  • Autism Plus Update

    Although I'm not yet qualified as a walk leader, in effect I will be leading the Autism Plus sponsored walk along the river to Sprotbrough on Sunday, returning to town via Cusworth Hall. The walk is able to go ahead because there will be a couple of qualified walk leaders coming along.

    I received an email yesterday stating a provisional date for the walk leaders' course next month; so things are progressing nicely.

  • English Heritage Membership

    My membership card for English Heritage arrived in the post yesterday and so I thought I'd visit one of their local properties, Brodsworth Hall and Gardens.

    Here's my report on my walking blog: http://peakwalking.blogspot.com


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