Big Mac Rd, - Lakeview, Arizona
Bingo Rd. - Sutherlin, Oregon
Cannibal Rd. - Loleta, California
Double Trouble Rd. - Toms River, New Jersey
Drunk Horse Ln. - Westcliffe, Oregon
Ego Ave. - Eastpointe, Missouri
Her Street - North Pole, Arkansas
HisWay - Bakersfield, California

This list is in alphabetical order and ends with 'H'. To see the rest of the list I would have had to buy the book online; which, of course, I didn't.

'would have had to buy' - this is a complicated combination of verbs. I'm interested in grammar but don't know how to properly describe it...there's an auxiliary verb used in the subjunctive mood, another auxiliary verb used in the perfect tense and an infinitive.